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Competency Training

We provide a range of training in many areas, most of this training is focussed upon the outdoor sector, which is our passion. Have a look at our calendar for upcoming courses.

An example of one of our courses is here:

Managing Risks Outdoors

This course interprets the Health and Safety Executives document “Managing for health and safety (HSG65)” which is one of HSE’s most popular guides for leaders, owners and line managers. It will particularly help those who need to put in place or oversee their organisation’s health and safety arrangements.

In Guidance L77 "Guidance from the Licensing Authority on the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 2004" it states

"...the authority must be satisfied that the provider has:
(a) identified the hazards created by the activity;
(b) decided who might be harmed, and how;
(c) evaluated the risk and decided whether existing measures (safety precautions)
are adequate or whether more should be done;
(d) implemented the measures;
(e) have arrangements in place for appropriate review and revision of the assessment."

The aim of the course is to enable delegates understand the legal requirements to manage the risks for outdoor activities and meet this minimum standard. This will enable them to apply this knowledge practically, and to understand their own limitations in creating or managing a safety management system.

Have a read of the course details here

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