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Event Support

Choosing the right partners to your event can be overwhelming.

Having been on all sides of an event (as participants, volunteers, spectators and organisers) we know just how hard everyone works, so it's really important we just slot in.

What we do

We can provide you with a range of services:

  • Risk Assessment

  • First Aid Risk Assessment

  • Event Control 

  • Staff and Volunteer Training

  • Route Planning

  • Route Mapping

  • Event Medical Services

Why do we do it?

We want people to have the best experience they can at events.

Our core team has a lot of first hand experience at Ultra Running Events, Mountain Events, Water Events and cycle events.

This means we can support in the correct way. Not too blasé but also not too cautious.

How we do it

The first thing we do is talk.

We know that a lot of your passion will be in your head, and we can help turn this into a whole plan, or part of a plan.

We'll work out what we can do, and how we'll do it, and send you a proposal.


Then we build a team that works for you, in your environment. You may need a First Responder who can get to people on a rope, or in a 4WD. We know those people!

We have a range of equipment and expertise - for example how hot is too hot for a running event? We have that bit of kit, and knowledge!


To give an example of an medical support service we provided, have a read about the team, and approach we took at the Pen Llyn Ultra over on our blog page here.

Huw Williams (Race Director and founder of Pen Llyn Ultra) said "Having Mentrau Bach on board meant we didn't get diverted from what we were out to achieve, another amazing edition of the Pen Llyn Ultra race event. Listening to the feedback from runners, even having someone to have a quick look at blisters, and giving advice and reassurance from a knowledgeable point of view was a serious value add for the event."

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