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Jon Bauer

Government estimates put anxiety, depression and stress as the main cause of all work absenteeism.


Jon Bauer is a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and author with a specialism in helping people feel better.

Corporate success is primarily built on employee performance. Employee performance is largely governed by the capacity to tolerate a broad bandwidth of feelings, including those generated within the complex and stressful world of work. It’s when coping mechanisms begin to break down that companies suffer.

Tolerance for feeling is a skill that can be taught, honed, and maximised.

By using the latest techniques, portable biofeedback technology, and the best of the wisdom traditions, Jon increases the bandwidth of your employees. This means they get on better, work harder and smarter, and take fewer days off sick.

In a one or half day workshop, full of interactive and experiential techniques, Jon provides your workforce with the tools and understanding needed to greatly lessen and better-tolerate emotion.

Jon also runs workshops educating middle and upper management on how best to manage the emotional landscape of their staff, as well as their own emotions.
Jon undertook training all over the world, runs a successful practice in Somerset, UK, and has worked with some of the leading companies on the planet. His last book was published in eight countries and won or was listed for awards in France, The Netherlands, and Australia.

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