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Driving revenue from Digital Media

There are loads of different types of existing "marketing collateral" available for your business to use.

The tourism industry often has clips such as this one from Visit Snowdonia that features a destination.

In this clip, Dolgellau is being promoted, and indeed there are many local business posting the clip on social media. But thinking back to the post about "What, Who, Why, Where, When?" it is worth considering the way this will drive revenue to your business.

This clip develops Dolgellau as a mini brand. As a place to visit for the activities, the views and a place to spend time. So how do you use that clip to focus on people spending money in your business?

So, the "What" element of what is communicated is how your business is connected with this clip and why your business is different. Dolgellau is synonymous with mountain biking, so if you are an accomodation provider that welcomes bikers, this is your link. Selling how to extend your trip to the "who". It is more likely to drive interaction with existing customers if pitched in a "Did you know about trail running/coffee in the area?" question.

Using an open question stimulates discussion, and this is how these clips can be used to drive revenue. The clip alone won't "sell" your product, you will have to do that. The enormous value in clips like this is the creation of a relationship. And that is what most businesses thrive on, and profit from.

So, before you post a clip on Facebook, think about how you can make your audience engage with the post.

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