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Mentrau Bach welcomes Associate Jon Bauer

At Mentrau Bach we love working with experts within their field. As our portfolio of clients has grown we have brought associates in to carry out specific pieces of work.

Over the next six months we are actively looking to develop a range of workshops and training sessions aimed at helping employers support and develop their staff. These will be offered as 'open courses' and will be publically available be booked as single seats or more. To ensure you hear about these courses first, please subscribe to our list here -

Of course we will still be offering closed and bespoke courses, please get in touch to discuss your needs directly.

Jon joins us with a wide range of skills within the wellness arena. Read his full biography here.

Director, Ashley Charlwood says "It is a critical time for businesses to recognise their responsibility in managing stress and wellbeing in the workplace. Jon has a highly effective approach using the latest techniques, portable biofeedback technology, allows employees to work harder, smarter, and take fewer days off sick.

By taking a proactive role in this, there are numerous case studies where employers find that recruitment, retention and productivity are all improved."

If this is of interest to you, please get in touch on or 07817 761125 to discuss further.

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