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Asbestos Consultancy

Robin Nower Consultancy

One of the most important elements for Mentrau Bach is that we provide our clients with the best possible expertise. We fully recognise that gaining that expertise takes time and personal investment.

One area that we have avoided providing advice on so far is asbestos. Whilst we regularly identify that asbestos is an area that organisations struggle with, we couldn't confidently suggest an expert consultant.

Enter Robin Nower, Mentrau Bach's newest associate.

Robin can detail experience within all levels of on-site and in-house laboratory, asbestos analytical and inspection / surveying work, asbestos consultancy, asbestos training (bespoke at Operative, Supervisor, Manager and Directors level).

He has been named as the Asbestos Coordinator for a number of Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

Additionally Robin has a compelling history of involvement in projects, both complex and high profile. Examples of this are -

  • Battersea Power Station

  • Grenfell House

  • St Thomas’ Hospital and Medical School

  • Guys Hospital

  • The Estate of the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament)

  • Millennium Mills

  • The Adelphi Building

  • Somerset House

  • Kings College London

  • Manchester Courts of Justice

In keeping with Mentrau Bach's passion for the outdoors, Robin also loves a bit of running. By a bit we mean things like 10 marathons in 10 days!

Read more about Robin's experience here, and if you would like help with achieving compliance in Asbestos please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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