'Hi-Viz' and 'Easy to Identify' clothing

Does your risk assessment say you need to wear 'Hi-Viz' clothing? This is clothing “which is capable of visually signaling the user’s presence”

Then, there is a standard that the clothing will need to meet - EN ISO 20471:2013 (started in October 2013)

This standard says there are 3 acceptable colours (Yellow, Orange-Red, and Red). If it's not that colour, then it's not hi-viz.

There are a number of other criteria that hi-viz must meet, including items such as the maximum number of cleaning cycles, reflective bands, design and performance. It is also worth considering that applying branding to hi-viz is also affected by the standard.

There may also be requirements to be 'easy to identify' in a risk assessment, and this can be done in a number of ways.

Here are two of Ashley's vests. The one to the left is a CE compliant yellow hi-viz to this would be appropriate for construction site visits, or areas where 'hi-viz' is required. The green vest to the right is a for 'easy to identify' jobs, which may include events. or other places where being identified as someone other than a member of the public is required.

Of course, 'hi-viz' is also 'easy to identify' but there are times where being 'hi-viz' can make being approachable less attractive.

As always, controlling hazards should be done on a risk assessed basis. So, before ordering up your pink/black/blue/green/twotone logo'd 'hi-viz' double check you've understood what your risk assessment is asking for.

The labels beneath show the CE marked yellow hi-vis having the EN number, that it can be washed a maximum of 25 times. The green on the right does not meet the standard so has less information.

If you want help with when what type of clothing might be useful for your activity, please get in touch.

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